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Motorists putting their lives at risk

Posted by Freddy Morton

Over half of British motorists, including owners of Reich caravan taps, are risking their lives on dangerous tyres.

According to a study by Mytyres.co.uk, over half of the public would not change a tyre until it was below the regulation tread depth, while only two thirds would get a tyre changed if it was bulging or cracked.

A spokesman for Delticom AG, which operates in the UK as Mytyres.co.uk, said that, legally, motorists ought to change a tyre when the depth falls below 1.6mm, but added that he would recommend changing at 2.5mm.

"It is extremely dangerous to drive with faulty or severely worn tyres as this can result in serious and, potentially, fatal accidents. We strongly urge drivers to do all they can to prevent these types of accidents by regularly checking tyre tread depth and general condition," he added.

His comments follow advice from TyreSafe which urged road users to ensure their tyres are not under-inflated or overloaded.