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Motorists 'should scour market for best insurance deal'

Posted by Freddy Morton

Many motorists, including owners of equipment and accessories for your camper van such as a 12v television, are attempting to budget on their insurance as rising petrol prices make running a vehicle more difficult.

Although this allows them to keep budgets manageable by decreasing the lump sum paid up front, price comparison site MoneySupermarket.com has warned that not shopping around for the best deal can be an expensive mistake.

It found 42 per cent of Britons struggling to deal with high petrol prices last year and suggested a number of options for consumers attempting to cut driving costs.

The site's analysis found consumers who paid insurance premiums on a monthly basis forked out 10.75 per cent more than the original premium on average but noted that some providers offered a smaller increase, indicating the importance of finding the best deal.

Pete Harrison, car insurance expert at moneysupermarket.com, said: "Running a car isn't cheap, made worse by the rising fuel costs we have all had to find the money to cover."

Recently the Institute of Advanced Motorists advised motorists to drive in an environmentally-friendly way to try and save fuel as well as cutting down on carbon emissions.