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New model has caravan refrigeration space

Posted by Freddy Morton

Some Brits will be thinking about caravan refrigeration over the next few weeks in anticipation of a hot summer, but those opting for the new ABI Horizon caravan may not have to worry too much about this.

This is because part of the work has been done for them by the maker of the model Bourne Leisure, which paid attention to interior comforts by including space for fitting a caravan fridge and other appliances.

An increasing number of people are becoming interested in static caravans, as well as mobile holiday homes, and the ABI Horizon caravan is aiming to appeal to them with perks such as a free 32-inch flatscreen TV.

Interior features include a galley-style kitchen furnished with "a flattering modern wood grain finish", a four-burner cooker and separate grill and bathrooms fitted with a shower cubicle, thermostatic mixer and separate washroom.

Plenty of room inside the living and sleeping space will ensure owners have a comfortable place to rest too, whatever their holiday needs.

Flight disruptions brought about by volcanic ash and British Airways strikes could encourage more people to take breaks in the UK.