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Parents 'forget service repairs in favour of driving 491 miles for kids'

Posted by Linda Davidson

Drivers and those who own Comet caravan taps could spend more time on the road transporting their family members from one place to another than considering annual car servicing.

According to a study by car repair specialist Kwik Fit, parents spend 491 miles each year on the road taking children to sporting events and training practices, the most popular often being football, golf and tennis.

However, a representative from the company suggested that those who are on the road so often are forgetting to get their vehicles serviced regularly.

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, said: "For those parents who are eating up the miles to support their kids, it's all the more important that they keep on top of maintenance so their car is reliable, but more importantly, safe."

He added that mums and dads often spend more on their children's sporting commitments than on their vehicles - risking a breakdown, bad tyre conditions and costly repairs.