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Proper wheel alignment is essential

Posted by Greg Throughton

Owners of Reich caravan taps have been urged to ensure wheels are properly aligned.

AlignMyCar has just launched a website stressing the importance of wheel alignment, which can benefit mileage and reduce tyre wear as well as make driving safer.

Kathryn Beaurain, from AlignMyCar, said that motorists can significantly reduce their running costs by ensuring all wheels are aligned.

"If all the tyres point in the right direction then there will be less 'scrubbing' action on the road surface and subsequently reduced tyre wear, as well as reduced rolling resistance, which will all go to help saving on their fuel costs," she explained.

Ms Beaurain added that with rising tyre prices and a deterioration of British roads, wheel alignment has never been more important.

Meanwhile, a recent poll by Confused.com revealed that slow drivers are considered the most frustrating thing on the road.

Two-thirds of motorists claim to have felt stressed out after getting stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle.