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Range anxiety not behind EV reticence

Posted by Greg Throughton

It may not be range anxiety which is behind the slow uptake of electric cars.

Motorists and owners of Propex caravan water heaters are only marginally more in favour of next-generation hybrid car or range-extended models than fully electric vehicles, it has been revealed.

New research by TheGreenCarWebsite.co.uk found that just 52 per cent of people would buy a combustion engine-supported model rather than a full electric car, if they were priced the same.

As 48 per cent claimed they would still select a fully electric car, the website's editor Faye Sunderland suggested that it may be price not range which is holding back sales.

"As prices come down with increased production, we could see motorists making sensible decisions based on their driving needs rather than an irrational fear of electric cars. It is an encouraging result, which may go some way to combating criticism over the slow uptake of the Plugged-in Car Grants," she added.

However, EV infrastructure provider Elektromotive claimed that two-thirds of drivers would be more likely to buy an electric vehicle if there were more charging points.