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Safety checks are essential before Easter trips

Posted by Freddy Morton

TyreSafe has warned owners of Truma caravan water heaters to be safe on the roads this Easter.

The safety campaigner said that the upcoming Easter break is predicted to be one of the busiest on the roads for several years, as more Brits decide to holiday in the UK.

Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe, said that all motorists, but particularly those venturing out with a caravan, need to take the time to do basic safety checks before setting out.

"In many cases … the car is loaded with additional passengers and luggage. This added weight makes it particularly important that drivers check their tyre pressure, condition and tread depth before setting out. It will only take a few minutes but could help to prevent a ruined weekend," he acknowledged.

Mr Jackson also warned that travelling with an under-inflated or overloaded tyre can cause heat to build up, increasing the potential for a tyre failure and a potential accident.

Protyre echoed this advice and urged caravan owners to replace tyres older than seven years, regardless of their condition.