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Satnavs can get motorists on the road

Posted by Greg Throughton

Owners of Propex caravan water heaters may soon be able to benefit from one of the most accurate Satnavs in the world.

TomTom has launched a live traffic map which will provide users with access to the most consistent and up-to-date traffic information available.

Ralf-Peter Schafer, traffic director of TomTom, has suggested that caravanners and motorists will not find a more accurate source of live information anywhere.

"The live traffic map is the perfect starting point for anyone planning a journey or who needs the most up-to-date view of the traffic on the road … We hope that we can start to make better use of the road network and start to reduce traffic congestion for everyone," said Mr Schafer.

Motorists will be able to view areas of congestion and routes to avoid on the new system, however the Royal Academy of Engineering recently suggested in a report that the UK is becoming too reliant on GPS signals.

Dr Martyn Thomas, who chaired the group that wrote the report, told the BBC that there are too many applications with few or no back-up signals which could conceivably fail.