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Scotland offers a "secret paradise"

Posted by Linda Davidson

Cramer caravan cookers and hobs owners should consider exploring the "secret paradise" in Scotland.

According to Emily, Countess of Stair, of Castle Kennedy Gardens, many people planning a break to Scotland are aware of the breathtaking nature of the views and nature along the west coast, while Galloway is unfortunately less well known.

She explained that this is a great shame to the wider public, as they are missing out on the "secret paradise" hidden in the south west of the country.

"We're bathed with the Gulf Stream that means that we can grow many exotic plants that can't be grown anywhere else …We've got the special climate and so the gardens are very unique, and in fact there are more gardens in this area of Scotland than any other area of Scotland," the Countess explained.

Her comments follow the joining of forces between six gardens in Scotland to create a Garden Route in Scotland's south western peninsula.