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Shropshire couple in caravan delight

Posted by Linda Davidson.

Caravan refrigeration owners will be interested to hear about a couple who have won a court victory that will allow them to continue living in their caravan.

According to the Shropshire Star, Janta and Meray Wheelhouse will be able to remain living in the caravan on their 18-acre site, called Karuna, where they live with their two sons, in Picklescott, Shrewsbury.

But they had been engaged in a tussle with the local council over planning permission allowing them to stay at the idyllic spot they moved into five years ago, after moving from a residence in Bayston Hill.

However, today officials at Shrewsbury Magistrates Court threw out charges brought against the pair that said they had either failed to comply with or gone against an enforcement notice to remove a steel shed at Karuna between September 26th 2009 and March 1st this year.

Shropshire Council had also withdrawn the prosecution. The charges were dropped and dismissed as a formality, and the couple had always denied the allegations.

Earlier this year a couple embarked on a 10,000-mile journey across Europe in their caravan.