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Slow drivers are 'as dangerous' as speeders

Posted by Linda Davidson

Slow drivers have been cited as the number one frustration facing motorists and those with Spinflo caravan hobs and cookers when they hit the road.

The poll by Confused.com revealed that dawdling drivers are the top cause of frustration behind the wheel, with 60 per cent claiming to feel an increase in stress levels and irritability when stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle.

Furthermore, almost half admitted they had risked overtaking so-called 'Sunday drivers', thereby increasing their risk of being involved in an accident.

A similar number supported the idea of a 'slow speed camera' to penalise drivers for travelling below the minimum speed limit.

"Slow drivers need to be taken as seriously as motorists caught speeding. Findings confirm they are a constant source of anxiety on UK roads and responsible for a large amount of accidents each year," said Gareth Kloet, head of car insurance at Confused.com.

Research from the Department for Transport also revealed that 143 accidents a year are caused directly by slow drivers.