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Small steps to energy efficiency 'could make a big difference'

Posted by Greg Throughton

Cutting the amount of energy used in a caravan or through Propex caravan water heaters should be done to reduce costs and emissions, according to one expert.

The Energy Saving Trust, an independent advice service, mentioned that small changes made to everyday living could make a significant difference to long-term effects on the environment and carbon footprints.

Jessica Forster, energy doctor for the trust, said: "There's no 'one size fits all' approach to saving energy in the home - it entirely depends on where you've got to already.

"Insulation, improved heating systems, lighting and changes to behaviour in the home [can make a difference]."

She added that people could look to the Grants and Discounts Database in order to get help with insulation costs and gain help in making a caravan more energy efficient.

Energy Saving Week runs until Sunday (October 30th) and is endorsed by the trust.

Ms Forster suggested that people should begin to take steps towards reducing energy consumption and raising awareness of the importance of eco-friendly living.