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South west England 'offers the nation's best cuisine'

Posted by Linda Davidson

People who like to create culinary masterpieces on their caravan hobs and cookers may wish to take a break and check out the food in the south west of England.

According to Lonely Planet, the region has some of the best cuisine on offer.

The latest Lonely Planet guide reveals the region has overtaken the rest of the UK with its innovative cooking, organic, locally sourced and ethically produced food and is now challenging London for the culinary throne.

It was recently revealed that London is home to 53 Michelin starred restaurants, including those run by Gordon Ramsay, Helene Darroze and Alan Ducasse.

Author of the Lonely Planet guide, Oliver Berry, said: "If you want an insight into where British food is at right now, there's really nowhere better than the south west."

Mr Berry identified rising stars Paul Ainsworth, Jude Kereama and recent double Michelin star winning chef Nathan Outlaw as offering some of the region's most innovative and fresh cooking.