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Spot of rain won't bother holidaying caravan rooflights owners

Posted by Linda Davidson.

Foreign "https://www.leisureshopdirect.com/water/caravan-taps/caravan-tap"
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owners holidaying in the UK
don't see the shifting and unpredictable British weather system as
a major barrier to their trip.

A study by VisitBritain found that tourists from over 30
countries do not view rainy and cold weather as a significant
reason not to visit our beautiful country.

The report asked 1,000 people how they felt about the line: "I
would not want to visit Britain because of the weather there."

Asked to respond with how much they agreed with the statement on
a scale of one to seven (where seven was 'strongly agree'), the
average score was 2.76 – a good sign that foreign tourists are not
overly deterred by potential poor weather.

However, it wasn't all bright news, as about 50 per cent of
those surveyed agreed that the description "wet and foggy" was

But then, nothing's perfect.

VisitBritain chief executive Sandie Dawe said: "This survey
shows that Britain's weather is not as bad as folklore would have
us believe.

"Visitors do not come with a belief that should a few drops of
rain fall then their trip will be ruined."