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Starlings leave caravan park facing £10,000 bill

Posted by Greg Throughton

A caravan park in Cornwall is facing a £10,000 clean-up operation after tens of thousands of starlings flocked there causing damage to caravans, roads, trees and grass areas.

Trevelgue Holiday Park in Newquay has brought in a bird scarer to try to move the birds away from the site and is now facing a race against time to complete the clean-up operation in preparation for the new season.

Managing director Mike Finnigan said: "The starlings flocking is a wonderful force of nature. The flying formations are magnificent but like everything every action has a reaction."

The starlings are roosting at the park every night, congregating on electric wires, telegraph poles and trees.

Mr Finnigan said that the birds' dropping are causing a major problem and also represent a health hazard.

The park is expected to open on time but Mr Finnigan said that the decontamination process could cost in the region of £10,000.

Last year, 75 starlings died after falling from the sky in Somerset. The RSPCA believe the birds may have been trying to escape from a predator when they crash landed.