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Staycations remain popular with Brits

Posted by Freddy Morton

Brits are abandoning holidays abroad for 'staycations', those with Cramer caravan cookers and hobs have been told.

Mark Brumby, an analyst at Langton Capital, told the Independent that although the trend was expected to be a temporary flash in the pan, it has gone on for so long now that the tourism industry needs to accept that it will remain popular among cash-strapped Brits.

"It was only meant to be a one-year trend but now we are into the second, third or fourth year – depending on when you started counting – so it looks like the 'staycation' is here to stay and has become embedded [in the public psyche]," he told the source.

Mr Brumby added that despite predictions to the contrary from tour operators, there is solid evidence that Britons are foregoing their foreign holidays.

Jane Anderson, editor of 101honeymoons.co.uk, agreed, adding that many newlyweds cannot afford to go overseas for two weeks and are instead opting for short breaks in the UK and 'glamping'.