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Summer driving tips for caravan owners

Caravan rooflights owners setting off on their summer holidays
have been issued with some advice to aid them in driving

According to Motor Codes, the automotive regulatory body, here
in the UK approximately two million people will head overseas for a
summer holiday and, although some will choose to fly, many will use
the car as part of the holiday.

Therefore, basic maintenance and security checks are essential
and the group has outlined its top five tips.

These include ensuring you check oil and coolant levels,
regularly checking tyre pressure and keeping an eye out for signs
of wear and tear, giving your vehicle a thorough health check and
looking over your insurance policy and ensuring it covers you for
travel abroad – and making sure you take all the relevant
documentation with you.

Finally, people are advised to get savvy with the rules of the
road if visiting another country and take at least the minimum
requirements and carry an 'essential kit' in your vehicle.

"Hot weather, heavy loads and long trips can place a significant
strain on our vehicles, but the good news is that there are a
number of small measures that we can take to ensure a happy
holiday," said Chris Mason, Motor Codes director.

"Good advance planning and a pre-holiday health check at a
reputable garage can help to make holidays the relaxing, fun time
they should be."

According to an RAC study into roadside breakdowns, 30 per cent
could be avoided by owners having a better understanding of how
their vehicle works.