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Tailgating is 'most dangerous' motorway offence

Posted by Greg Throughton

Tailgating is considered to be the most dangerous driving offence, owners of devices for your 'van have been told.

A survey of drivers by road safety organisation GEM Motoring Assist found that 85 per cent believe that tailgating is the most serious offence committed on the motorway as it can cause "highly dangerous situations".

Driving whilst on a mobile phone and staying in the middle lane when the inside lane is empty also ranked highly.

However, speeding ranked eight out of the top ten motorway dangers with only 20 per cent of motorists surveyed suggesting that more need to be done to prevent it.

"Drivers need to make sure they are taking every precaution if they are planning to use a motorway and be fully aware of the dangers. We believe that bad motorway driving …should definitely be more strictly enforced as it is this kind of careless driving that can lead to frustration, annoyance and possible accidents," said David Williams, chief executive of the company.

The Manchester Evening news recently reported that the number of road accidents in the city has dropped, despite a fall in the number of speeding tickets issued.