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Take steps to protect caravans, owners told

Posted by Freddy Morton

Brits who have recently invested in new caravan taps or are considering doing so in the future will know that the summer is a favourite time of year for mobile home holidays.

However, police have warned that the warmer months are also popular among thieves, who will happily break in and relieve any unlocked vehicles of their inventory.

According to the Gazette and Herald, officials have reminded caravan owners that their holiday homes could be targeted regardless of where they are parked and that it would be prudent to take steps to protect them

Law enforcement officials recommend that owners use a good quality hitch lock on the coupling to stop thieves stealing the actual vehicle.

Locking wheel nuts and a clamp should also help keep the vehicle safe from criminals, while an alarm system should help deter thieves further still.

Furthermore, simple steps like closing doors, windows and caravan roof lights before leaving can be really effective in cutting the chances of a break-in, the police added.

In other news, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport recently pointed out the importance of the UK's heritage to tourism.