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Tiredness 'considerably slows reactions'

Posted by Greg Throughton

Motorists with accessories and items for your camper van have be warned about the dangers of driving while tired.

Sandra Dodson, deputy chief driving examiner at the Driving Standards Agency, said that tiredness slows reactions, meaning that driving, especially at high speed, can be very dangerous.

"If you're alert and 400m down the road you can see brake lights on in the distance, you can start to react, but if you're dropping off you might not see it at that distance - so the question is at what point would you be able to react?" she asked.

Ms Dodson advised those with accessories and items for your camper van going on a long journey to get a good night's sleep before setting off and to travel with sugary snacks.

Julie Townsend, Brake's campaigns director, recently claimed that over ten per cent of motorists have fallen asleep at the wheel and warned that tiredness while driving can kill.