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Towing advice for caravan taps customers

Posted by Linda Davidson.

Caravan refrigeration customers have been issued with some
important towing advice from the Highways Agency.

As the summer holidays are in full swing, the agency is urging
anyone who tows a caravan or other vehicle to heed some simple
advice that will help make journeys that little bit safer.

Things to look out for are the overloading of a caravan, old
tyres that have not been checked, and not practicing good towing
driving, like driving too fast.

The agency advises those "https://www.leisureshopdirect.com/water/caravan-taps/caravan-tap"
class="dnautolink">caravan taps
customers setting out on a trip
to always carry out a maintenance check prior to setting off, to
check everything is loaded and securely connected and that weight
is correctly distributed, to ensure recovery and breakdown policies
will cover you in the event of an incident, and to take extra car
reversing a towed vehicle.

Highways Agency director of traffic management, Simon
Sheldon-Wilson, said: "While the majority of towed vehicles travel
safely, recent incidents provide a timely reminder to anyone towing
a trailer, boat, caravan or horse box this summer to prepare before
they set out and take a few simple steps once they are out on the
road to avoid becoming involved in an incident.

"So check your tyres, make sure that caravans and trailers are
not overloaded and drive carefully and considerately at this busy
time of year in the holiday season."

Earlier this month, the Highways Agency also recommendedthat
journeys should be planned carefully before departure.