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Tracker devices increase car theft recovery chances

Posted by Freddy Morton

Drivers planning a holiday with their van items and accessories have been given information which may make them consider installing a tracker device.

TRACKER revealed that in the first half of 2011, it recovered stolen cars worth a total value of £7.5 million, resulting in 64 arrests across the UK.

Furthermore, it found that while fewer than half of all stolen cars are recovered by the police, this figure increased to 90 per cent of vehicle owners with tracker devices.

Some 80 per cent of those are recovered within 24 hours.

"Being a victim of car theft, particularly if it involved a home burglary or assault, can be very traumatic. But the impact it can have on your finances and disruption to your everyday life can be as equally distressing," said Stephen Doran, managing director for the firm.

He added that many insurance companies do not include the price of a hire car, which can be an unavoidable necessity if a vehicle is stolen, particularly while away from home.

Paul Scanlon, director of my-caravan-insurance.co.uk, recently urged owners of van items and accessories to compare cover and prices before taking out a policy to ensure they get the best deal.