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TyreSafe: Ensure vehicles are not overloaded

Posted by Freddy Morton

Owners of Truma caravan water heaters have been warned that overloading a vehicle can lead to increased running costs.

The UK's leading tyre safety organisation TyreSafe said that unless motorists compensate for carrying heavy loads by appropriately increasing tyre pressure can lead to an increase in fuel consumption, faster wear on tyres and, in some cases, safety may be compromised.

"If tyres do not contain enough air for the load being carried, they are much more likely to experience a rapid deflation which can result in a terrifying accident. There are also other significant downsides such as longer stopping distances [and] reduced stability," chairman of the company Stuart Jackson explained.

The Highways Agency said that, as summer approaches, Truma caravan water heaters owners need to take safety precautions before setting out on a journey as caravan and motor home collisions on the road can cause disproportionately long delays for other road users.