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UK charging infrastructure is 'good'

Posted by Linda Davidson

Owners of Truma caravan water heaters thinking of going green have been advised that the UK charging infrastructure is on their side.

Michael Boxwell, author of the 2011 Electric Car Guide and editor of theElectricCarGuide.com, said that the UK has a reasonably good charging infrastructure in place despite a reputation to the contrary.

"People are buying electric cars because they know the charging infrastructure is in place. Largely, the charging infrastructure is unused … customers perceive they need an electric car charging infrastructure, but when it is installed it is rarely used," he explained.

He said views on the charging structure vary drastically between electric and non-electric car owners, with the former claiming that a better infrastructure is not necessary and the latter saying it is.

However, research by TheGreenCarWebsite.co.uk found that just 52 per cent of people would buy a combustion engine-supported model rather than a full electric car, if they were priced the same.