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Update your caravan 'with DIY interiors'

Posted by Freddy Morton

Owners of Comet caravan taps who may like to give their mobile home a new look may like to do some DIY upholstering to save money on interiors costs.

Makeitandmendit.com, a blog that shares ideas and inspiration for home improvements, suggested that turning old materials into new interior items can be a low-budget alternative to buying brand new additions.

Hilary Bruffell, founder of the website, said: "Upcycling old furniture [can be done by] making new furniture out of old bits or giving them a coat of paint and using old fabrics to make new cushions."

She added that people on a low budget could opt for upholstery and painting old furniture a new colour to give a fresh look to surroundings.

Reds and oranges are good colours for the winter months and to give a home a cosier feel, Ms Bruffell suggested.

Minimalist trends are popular for autumn and winter with neutral pallets and plush interiors for comfort, according to interior design site homedit.