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Vintage caravan 'is now an art gallery'

Posted by Linda Davidson

Motorhome owners with caravan accessories such as a 12v television may be interested to hear about one caravan that has been turned into an art spectacle.

A couple in Portsmouth have converted a vintage 1969 tourer into a travelling art gallery, which has become a popular with many visitors.

Jan Williams and Chris Teasdale have used their caravan to travel around the country, taking pictures of the destinations they visit. These photos are then displayed in the motorhome as a creative reminder of their journey.

Ms Williams told the Portsmouth News: "We take it to places galleries can't reach and get all kinds of visitors.

"If we're at an art event we'll have artists and curators coming in."

She added that even if they stop at a festival or shopping centre there are people who want to have a look at their self-made gallery.

Polly Bishop, press officer at The Caravan Club, recently commented that those who own a motorhome have a vast array of opportunities for things to do around the country.