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Visit Catalonia this summer

Posted by Linda Davidson

People with Thetford caravan fridges considering the perfect destination for their family holiday this summer should explore the region surrounding Barcelona.

According to ETOA (European Tour Operators Association), Barcelona in enjoying a great amount of tourism success but unfortunately the same cannot be said for the surrounding area.

Speaking at a panel session at City Fair 2011, Patrick Richards, ETOA chairman, revealed that the president of Catalonia has tourism concerns for the region.

"Although undoubtedly Barcelona is doing very well, [the Catalonian president] is keen, and given the youth unemployment figures in Spain, to attract tour operators and tourism into other parts of Catalonia," Mr Richards said.

He said that the region has a lot to offer and the country would like to get tourists in "high season, low season, in cities, in smaller cities and spread throughout Europe".

According to a recent Value for Money Index for Europe from hotel.info, Spain offers tourists a lot of bang for their buck.

It ranked the country tenth for its current value for money rating.