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Watch out for bikes on the road

Posted by Greg Throughton

Drivers have been urged to pay more attention to motorcyclists on Britain's roads, those with home-from-home items have been told.

A new campaign launched by the Department for Transport (DfT) and road safety minister Mike Penning is hoping to cut the number of riders killed and injured each year.

The DfT has revealed that despite only making up one per cent of the traffic on the roads, motorcyclists account for 20 per cent of road deaths, with the majority occurring in collisions at junctions or with other vehicles.

"While many drivers may take extra care at junctions, they often don't see bikers and this is a major factor in motorcycle casualties," said Mr Penning.

He suggested that forcing people to think about the biker rather than just the bike will make them take extra care "so that we see fewer of these needless accidents".

Recently the Institute of Advanced Motorists urged drivers to take extra care on rural roads.